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Prenatal care







Pregnancy Care

  • Cancer screening (thin cytology, HPV diagnosis)
  • Vaginal ultrasound examination
  • Examination of breast ultrasound and mammography
  • Treatment using alternative hormones
  • Bladder Cancer Test (BTAstat bioNexia / NMP 22) to examine bladder cancer
  • Stool test (ScheBo M2-PK Quick-Test) For colorectal cancer screening
  • Colorectal cancer screening (test Septin 9)

Early detection of cancer

All women over the age of 20 must undergo early cancer screening. It involves a sample of the cervix and internal genitalia. From the age of 30, palpation of the breast. From the age of 50, a clinical examination of the rectum is recommended

Vaginal ultrasound

We recommend once a year, in addition to cancer detection, that you undergo an ultrasound vaginal examination (does not covered with health insurance) to be able to detect any early changes (difficult to detect by physical and clinical examination in the early stages).

Breast ultrasound (breast sonography)

In addition to cancer detection, we also recommend once a year to perform a breast ultrasound to detect even the smallest changes in the breast and treat them. Because in the early stages, they are not usually diagnosed by just palpation.

Breast punction (FNA fine needle aspiration)

In the case of insufficiently clear results (cysts, nodules) in the mammary gland area, a tissue examination should be performed to exclude malignant disease. This is possible in our clinic under local anesthesia using a high speed biopsy needle. Under the vision of ultrasound, the biopsy needle is placed in front of the results to be clarified. Within seconds, a piece of tissue is taken, which can be examined under the microscope after proper preparation. To ensure the result, many biopsies are usually taken at a time. In the case of unclear cysts, the fluid is also withdrawn under ultrasound vision and is subjected to tissue examination. Accurate diagnosis is obtained after a few days. As a result, additional surgery can be avoided under anesthesia and thus stay hospitalized a few days.

Breast punction(FNA fine needle aspiration)

HPV is an abbreviation for human papilloma virus. These viruses occur only in humans and infect cells of Skin and mucous membranes. Because of their sexual transmission and prevalence, it is very likely that sexually active people are at risk of developing these viruses during their lifetime. HPV infection usually goes unnoticed. Symptoms usually heal on their own without causing the disease. If the infection does not heal, infected cells may change over time. This occurs when women are often on the cervix, and rarely occurs in the vulva or vagina area. . So the vaccine against HPV protects against infection that can lead to cervical cancer and genital warts. The vaccine is administered on three doses. Complete vaccination must be completed before first sexual contact. Even for girls and young women who have had sex, vaccination is useful, although the effectiveness of the infection already exists may be reduced. We routinely take this vaccine in our clinic. The vaccine is given in the arm. Women’s screening is not compulsory for young girls. The cost of the vaccine will be covered by health insurance for all girls between the ages of 9 and 18 years. Some health insurance companies cover the costs also for young women who are over the age of 18 years. Please discuss the cost issue in advance with your health insurance in this case. We are happy to answer your questions about the HPV vaccine and look forward to welcoming you to our clinic. For more information, visit the website

Counseling of girls and teenagers (Gynecology for children and girls)

  • Questions about physical growth, menstrual bleeding, and all about love and sex in addition to pregnancy

Girls Advice

A special offer for you is girls’ advice. The first visit to a gynecologist will give you the opportunity to discuss in a private, detailed and confidential conversation – even without a female exam – you will be able to ask your questions about contraception, physical changes during puberty, personal hygiene of intimate areas and much more. Of course, you can also bring a trusted person such as a mother, sister, friend or friend to get psychosocial support. All doctors in secrecy will treat all you want to talk about and discuss like appetite and love, contraception, menstrual cycle and hygiene. You can trust and trust us in terms of confidentiality and consideration. Ask us all your questions, even if you feel „stupid ” or embarrassed. You’re personal questions about all topics related to „being a woman „are in good hands here.
Please do not forget to bring the vaccine book and health insurance card.

More information is also available at

Useful hints: An ultrasound scan of the abdominal wall may be required for abdominal discomfort, but in this case, the bladder must be filled well. In this case, do not go to the bathroom immediately before the examination. Before the scan, you will receive a small questionnaire to complete. Your last menstrual cycle question will come, do you remember?

Short Order: If you cannot meet your appointment, please contact and cancel! This would help us to plan better!

Intrauterine devices:

  • Insertion of GyneFix (Copper necklace)
  • Insertion of (IUI of copper and hormonal IUI Merina)


As an alternative to hormonal contraceptives, devices that contain intrauterine copper are reliably prevent from unwanted pregnancy. Our clinic is developing a series GyneFix® small brass can be inserted in the wall of the uterus. They are small copper elements arranged on a surgical thread, which are attached to the wall of the uterus using a special stabilization technique. Copper elements act as a spermicide and thus prevent egg fertilization. The copper string can be used GyneFix ® for women of all ages, including women who have not yet. Thanks to the index Pearl From 0.1-0.5, provide the copper chain GyneFix a high level of safety and effective contraception. Its effectiveness lasts for 5 years and must be removed thereafter. If there is a desire to have children, the copper chain can be removed GyneFix® by a female doctor at any time before the end of five years.

Before using the copper string GyneFix®, you should always have a preliminary and comprehensive discussion with us . In addition, it will be conducting a vaginal ultrasound to detect the use of contraceptives such as uterine abnormalities or obstructions, such as fibroids. We also try to answer any unanswered questions. In order to prevent infection after and during the introduction of the copper chain GyneFix®, we should exclude the diagnosis of chlamydial and gonococcal procedure as well as the survey Microbiology of the vagina, in order to be treated in the event of a disease before the chain mode. These procedures should not have been more than 4 months old. All tests are special services and must be borne by women themselves. For women legally insured under the age of 25 years, there is an option to diagnose chlamydia through the urine.

The copper string is inserted GyneFix® on the fourth or fifth day of menstruation, which is also possible during breastfeeding. We recommend placing it after about 6 months of delivery. Women who have had Caesarean section can develop a copper chain GyneFix ®. Up to 5 days after unprotected intercourse, the copper chain can be used GyneFix to prevent unwanted pregnancy until 5 days after unprotected intercourse. The risk of a change in the location of the string is 1:20 and is greater in the first three months after insertion. Therefore, we do an ultrasound evaluation at our clinic after 6 weeks of insertion. In addition, it is recommended to perform series site tests annually using ultrasound.

Gynefix-Aufklärungsbogen (PDF – 1,9 MB)

Hormone spiral (Merina)

The method of work

  1. Mucus in the cervical region remains thick under the influence of levonorgestrel, so that the sperm cannot go up to the uterus to fertilize the egg there.
  2. The lining of the uterus remains low and is not ready to receive and fertilize the fertilized egg. Because of the low mucosa, the menstrual period is much shorter and easier, or is completely absent.
  3. The remaining sperm, which will reach the uterus, will release the hormone levonoargstrul excreted from the coil to reduce the function and slow the movement of sperm that managed to reach the uterus .

After removal of the hormonal coil, these effects will disappear immediately and will no longer be demonstrable. Women (again) can become pregnant during the first cycle after removal.

Fertility counseling, infertility diagnosis

  • Determination of the development of hormones
  • Examination of the fallopian tube by ultrasound imaging hysterosalpingosonogrphy (HSKS)

Consultation of coagulation disorders and autoimmune diseases

Preventive Medicine (How convenient are vessels?)

Food Medicine

Vegetarian diet in pregnancy

A vegetarian diet during pregnancy is not impossible, but you must follow the proper rules.

An important question in advance:

Does man create a basis for plant nutrition?

No definitely not, otherwise, we will have 4 stomachs like a cow or our molars will be refreshing themselves like an elephant. In addition, we need animal vitamins and essential nutrients for our metabolism, because we cannot effectively carry them through pure plant nutrition.

What pros and cons of vegetarian diet


  • Low risk of heart attack
  • Fewer cancers
  • Less likely to have high blood pressure pregnancy or gestational diabetes
  • Protection from some types of infection (for example: toxoplasmosis due to lack of meat consumption)


  • Lack of supply of vital proteins, trace elements and vitamins ->especially vitamin B12 (cobalamin) ->Inactivity and fatigue in the mother because of anemia and nervous system disorders (prickling in the hands and feet)
  • Malnutrition of infant’s breastfed (iron, zinc and calcium supply problems)

Vegetarian diet can lead to disorders of the nervous system, brain, blood and mucous membranes of the fetus.

Without conducting proper blood tests ( especially vitamin B – 12 , iron and calcium ) during pregnancy and taking additional amounts of folic acid and vitamin supplements or foods rich in vitamins and trace elements, these embryos will often suffer from growth retardation, growth and exposure to anemia.

It is not recommended to follow a purely vegetarian diet when breastfeeding and caring for young children! In particular, infants from vegetarian mothers often suffer from poor nutritional status, because mother’s milk is low in nutrients and bread without milk and eggs often leads to problems in the supply of iron, zinc and calcium to these children.

Important rules for diets related to vegetarian diet

! To cover the recommendations for eating foods, you can eat plenty of whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, as well as sesame seeds, wheat or yeast.

! For example, there is an excellent food source, lush vegetables cooked steamed. You can add them to soup and other cooking food.

Dried fruits and nuts are also important sources of energy; they contain important nutrients and iron needed.

Here is an example of a daily diet

Breakfast: One bowl of cereal, one drink of soy and whole wheat bread with a creamy almond and juice containing vitamins with calcium

(Note: Not too much, >many of which can lead to diabetes )

The lunch: Tofu sandwich, whole bread with lettuce, lemon juice and apple

In the evening: A pan of rice with vegetables, beans, broccoli, spinach, and a soya drink

In-between meals: 2 tablespoons of nuts, 1 handful of mixed fresh fruit, and 4 full-grain crisps

! Soy or fortified cereals are essential. It is a reliable source of vitamin B12 and many vitamin supplements.

What foods contain important nutrients?

Vitamin B12: Cereals, pickled cabbage, soybeans
Calcium:Almonds, nuts, mineral water
Iodine: iodized salt
Iron: spinach, dried fruits and nuts
Zinc: whole grains and nuts
Vitamin D: spinach, mushrooms, cabbage (provitamin D12 + the sun)
Vitamin B2: Spinach, turnips
Proteins: whole grains, soybeans, vegetables and nuts
Omega 3: Fish oil, vegetable oil (cold pressed) , fish
Omega 6: Corn, leafy vegetables and grains

When you follow vegetarian diet, omega content increases sixth fatty acids while decreasing omega content 3 fatty acids because of the lack of fish consumption.

The fatty acids (omega – 3) important for the growth of the normal child’s brain during pregnancy.

Vegetarians should therefore be keen to maintain their omega- 3 needs using cold pressed vegetable oils (rapeseed oil and flaxseed oil) and dietary supplements (such as omega- 3 vitamins ) should be taken.

WHO recommends Omega 3 to Omega 6 from 8: 1.

In short, it can be said:

By following vegetarian diet can get the necessary nutrients and are particularly vitamin B 12, calcium, iodine, iron and zinc. While the lack of vitamin ( d ) will continue to

exist but can compensate for this deficiency through the consumption of spinach or mushrooms, followed by 15 minutes of sunbathing in the open air (because it

will be converted pro – vitamin herbal D 12 in the body by sunlight into the vitamin D).

This is what the family of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) looks like. This deficiency causes the pregnant woman to have general weakness,

anemia and disorders of the nervous system resulting in a feeling of acupuncture in the

hands and feet. In addition, we can say that the skin loses its function as a barrier to disease and inflammation, which increases the risk of infection.

The level of essential nutrients in the blood should be checked regularly during pregnancy, so that symptoms of nutritional deficiency or infection can be treated early or even by diet conversion or additional dietary supplementation or eventually by appropriate medication. Growth disorders in the fetus, such as delayed growth, delayed brain growth, or impaired fetal circulation, can be detected by ultrasound.

.. Quickly now … and what should we eat!! ??

In the morning, cereal chips Müsli with slices of whole wheat bread in addition to soy milk,

At noon orange juice with tofu and apple

In the evening a rice cooker with beans, cauliflower and soybeans such as Terence Hill.

Between meals a small amount of nuts and fruits

Folic acid, iron, vitamin treatment and regular doctor visits make it possible to follow a vegetarian diet during pregnancy.

But please start this before 4 months of pregnancy with a modified diet and folic acid intake.

You can imagine Popeye He enjoys the sun and has cereal chips with soymilk, and, as usual, he has spinach with iodized salt, as well as

whole-baked bread with almond paste. Shall have everything in it what you need in pregnancy – just do not

forget to visit the doctor with the control of vitamin B 12 appropriately.

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